In a typical session we strive to develop section and chorus unity, expansion and artistry while making sure we're in tune while using our most resonant, warm, relaxed, best voice that has clarity and brilliance.

There is more to coach than just the singing and performing. We can figure out ways that your organization can operate more efficiently getting all chorus members involved in the operations and decisions. We can train the singers to listen more effectively. We can make sure that there is 100% employment in the chorus.



As a section, are you on the same page? As a chorus, is everyone thinking and doing the same thing? Are your voices creating a larger "one voice"?  Is everyone singing their "best" voice?  Are they making warm, resonant choices that have clarity and brilliance that create true section unity?



Are you making the best choices musically? Are you choosing the right words to target? Are you taking full advantage of the arrangement you are choosing to sing? Does everyone know "the plan"?

Unity of Purpose


How is your chapter organized? Is every chorus member and every team operating with the chorus vision in mind? Let's make sure everyone has a true commitment to the ensemble. It's easier to change your defaults - organizationally and musically - if you have a unified purpose.

"A purpose is the eternal condition for success." - anonymous