Look Where Eddie Was in 2014


January 1st – 7th in St. Louis, Missouri

January 18th – evening booked but local coaching available

January 22nd – 25th in Kingsport, Tennessee (Tri Cities) coaching

January 26th – in Asheville, North Carolina coaching

January 27th-29th in Albuquerque, New Mexico coaching

January 30th – Feb 2nd in Long Beach, California coaching at Midwinter Contest

February 3rd-10th in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico coaching

February 11th in Austin, Texas coaching

February 13 -14 in San Antonio, Texas presenting at Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)

February 22nd – evening booked but local coaching available

February 24th – in Leander, Texas coaching

March 4th – in Leander, Texas coaching

March 7th-9th in Albuquerque, New Mexico coaching

March 10th- 18th in New York coaching

March 22 – 23rd in Dallas, Texas

March 28-30th in Houston, Texas, clinician for the SWD Harmony Explosion & Lone Star Harmony Brigade

April 4th-5th in Nashua, New Hampshire judging

April 6th in Nashua, New Hampshire coaching

April 8th-9th in Austin, Texas coaching

April 10th-13th – in Dallas, Texas for the Vocal Majority spring shows

April 18th-20th in Houston, Texas

April 25th – 28th in Mesa, Arizona coaching

April 29th – in Houston, Texas

May 2nd – 4th in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin judging

May 6th in Brenham, Texas coaching

May 10th – evening booked but local coaching available

May 15th – in Waco, Texas coaching

May 16th – 18th in Dallas, Texas for chorus retreat

May 31st – June 1st in Spring, Texas coaching

June 5th-6th in Dallas, Texas

June 7th – in Tyler, Texas coaching

June 10th-15th in Salisbury, Maryland coaching at Harmony College East

June 19th – in Waco, Texas coaching

June 26th-28th in Dallas, Texas

July 29th in Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 30th – July 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada

July 7th – 8th in Durango, Colorado

July 9th-24th in Estes Park, Colorado

July 24th-26th in Denver, Colorado

July 27th-31st in Taos, New Mexico

August 1st-3rd in Albuquerque, New Mexico coaching

August 8th-10th in Plano, Texas coaching

August 14th-17th in Tyler, Texas coaching

August 18th – 20th in Houston, Texas coaching

August 21st – in Spring, Texas coaching

August 22nd -24th in Dallas, Texas coaching at SWD Top Gun School

August 27th – Oct. 6th in Australia coaching

October 9th – in Waco, Texas coaching

October 9th – 12th in Dallas, Texas coaching for SWD contest

October 17th – 19th in Austin, Texas for Longhorn Alumni Band

October 20th – 27th in New York coaching

October 31st - November 2nd in Arlington, Texas coaching

November 7th-8th judging in Charleston, South Carolina

November 15th – Evening booked but local coaching possibly available

November 23rd – in Houston, Texas coaching

November 25th – in Spring, Texas coaching

December 3rd – 7th in Dallas, Texas

December 13th – Evening booked but local coaching available

December 16th – in Austin, Texas

December 19th – in San Antonio, Texas

December 30th -31st in St. Louis, Missouri