"I have great pleasure in giving my highest recommendation to Eddie Martinez as vocal coach and mentor. I have worked with Eddie since 2005 and have found him consistently both highly skilled and particularly good-natured. Eddie has that rare capacity to help you see (and correct) your imperfections while making you feel good about it. Of the many examples I could give, Eddie has been our preferred mentor and coach for my quartet's Australian championship performances and our international competitions in 2009 and 2011. However, a unique mention must go to Eddie for his "x-factor" of mental as well as vocal preparation for my chorus, Vocal Evolution as he prepared us for the Australian competition in 2009, which we won (for the first time). Eddie was also instrumental in VE's first International appearance, at which the chorus achieved a personal best and first A level score.
Eddie is reliable, committed, knowledgeable, personable and effective. Whatever level your group is, Eddie can take you to the next level."

Richard Reeve
Alliance quartet (2009, 2011 Australian champions)
Membership Vice President, Vocal Evolution chorus (2009,2011 champions)
Membership Vice President, AAMBS (Australian Association of Men Barbershop Singers)
Presentation Judge, AAMBS

Eddie is an amazing coach! He demands the best of us, while keeping the rehearsal light. If you don't want to ring more chords and raise your scores, DO NOT hire Eddie!

-Sterling (Ross, Seth, Bryan and Todd)

SWD champion quartet and international competitors

"As a new director of a forming Men’s Chorus, meeting Eddie Martinez was a godsend for me.  Eddie was the best thing that happened to this new chorus who has gone from strength to strength under his expert guidance.  Eddie has been a Coach, Mentor and Friend to each member of this chorus and to me.  Additionally, Eddie has coached both my women's chorus, Perth Harmony, and many of the quartets that I have sung in over the years; here again he has demonstrated his fine coaching skills.  Eddie shares his talents, abilities and skills so generously and as a result is now a highly sought after Coach throughout Australia and beyond."

– Gina D'Souza
Perth Harmony Chorus - Sweet Adelines International

"Some barbershop educators and coaches have a tremendous in-depth knowledge of the music, singing, and presentation aspects of the art form.  Some are absolutely inspirational in the way they deliver this information, and connect with their subjects.  Some coaches have a rare mix of intensity and humor in their teaching style.  But the only barbershopper I know that has all of these qualities in one person, is Eddie Martinez.  He is the best of the best."

– Mike Donnelly
President Australian Association of Men Barbershop Singers (Barbershop Harmony Australia)
President, World Harmony Council

"(Eddie) did in 30 minutes what I have been trying to do for three years!"

– Don Reeves
Director of Harmony Exporters (BHS), composer, arranger
Beaumont, Texas

Eddie has the unique ability to be instantly integrated with the groups he works with. He demands excellence in a way that motivates and excites. His exceptional musical knowledge and skills are paired with an energetic communication style that brings everyone in the group together to sing at a higher level. He addresses issues head-on and with precision, allowing musical growth beyond expectations. Eddie empowers each singer to take responsibility for the music and make positive changes, create new habits, and powerfully engage audiences. Best money our chorus has ever spent.

-Phil Cheasebro

Director, The Midnight Sons Chorus

Anchorage, Alaska

We had the privilege of working with Eddie at this year's Top Gun school, as we prepare for prelims and to hopefully  qualify for Las Vegas in 2014. In our session, Eddie showed mastery in a variety of topics, all of which were useful and applicable to our quartet. We were completely different after just a couple short hours, and we can't wait to bring forth what we've learned from him to the stage!

- Bonus Track

2012 SWD Quartet Champions

"I have known Eddie for around ten years and during this time he has coached our chorus, my quartet and also myself individually. Eddie has been, and remains, the preferred choice of vocal coach for our chorus, Vocal Evolution. We have brought him to Australia on an almost annual basis since his first visit when we had only been in existence for a short time and he has had a major bearing on our improvement. This culminating in our first appearance at International contest in 2011 and placing 19th with an average score of 81.0. To put this in perspective, no Australian chorus has ever achieved an A-level score or placed in the top 20 at International.

What we appreciate about Eddie is that he pulls no punches but communicates in way that is positive, good-humoured and inspirational. He communicates clearly and efficiently and much of what he presents to the guys has stuck as evidenced by the fact that many of his catchphrases have become part of the language of Vocal Evolution.

Apart from vocal coaching, Eddie has also given us valuable advice on chorus management and encouraged us to aim for an A-level in everything we do as a chorus. Eddie has remained available to us even when he is not in Australia by email and phone and has been happy to listen to the recordings we send him and to be our 'long-distance' coach also.

I have seen Eddie work effectively with groups of all ages and skill levels, both male and female.

Finally, I would like to say that Eddie has conducted himself very professionally in all aspects of his dealings with us and has shown himself to be a person of great integrity.

We will be working with Eddie in the future and I would recommend him without any reservation whatsoever to any singing group that wants to improve."

– Adrian Gimpel
Past Pesident, VP Marketing - Vocal Evolution (2009, 2011 AAMBS Chorus Champions)
Lead - Alliance (2005,2009, 2011 AAMBS Quartet Champions)
Presentation Judge - AAMBS/NZABS Guild of Judges

"You worked wonders with Harmony Falls - who knew there was that big sound lurking inside?! Now that we know about it I'm not going to be satisfied with anything less!  Thank you for the tools to pry it out of them :-)"

- Karen Trotter, PhD

Director of Harmony Falls Chorus

Harmony Inc., New York

"Eddie Martinez has coached our Chorus, "Hills Harmony" in Sydney Australia, and my quartet, "Highjacked" on many occasions. As I recall, our first contact with Eddie was in preparation for our Chorus competing at the Gold Coast (Queensland Australia) Competition in 2005. Since then, Hills Harmony  has been very keen to have Eddie coach us whenever he comes to Australia.  In fact it was our pleasure to organise his last 3 tours to Australia in the years 2009, 2010 & 2011.

There are quite a few coaches in the USA, &  a few in Australia, who have toured Australia visiting choruses, both men’s & women's to help us to, little by little, lift our standard of Barbershop singing.  Hills Harmony has invited some of these coaches to visit us from time to time, but of these, Eddie is an absolute stand out.

Eddie brings with him good humour, an easy going nature and an abundance of skill but, above all, a prodigious ability to fine tune a Chorus's singing. Finessing four part harmony is his passion and he does it brilliantly.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Eddie to any Chorus or Quartet that wishes to improve their singing quality, their skill level and, in particular, prepare for an up-coming competition."

– David Farley
Hills Harmony Chorus (President 2011)
Highjacked Quartet (Tenor)

Eddie’s coaching is not only instructional but really fun. It amazes me how he is able to figure out what is doable, versus just desirable and then get it across. It was really fun for us, and it was really rehabilitating to sing, learn something, and have fun. I'll look forward to the next time Eddie coaches our chorus.

-George Westover

President, Hill Country Chorus

New Braunfels, Texas

Our quartet had a blast at contest! Thanks to you for helping us find our new "zone" and my own newfound confidence!

-Carlos Aguayo

Baritone – Paramount Quartet (2012 RMD 3rd place) 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

""Our chorus has benefitted greatly from working with Eddie Martinez. He is an extremely knowledgeable and capable coach who leads in an encouraging and entertaining manner.  We have great fun learning with him and always end up with a huge boost to our enthusiasm and an eagerness to become even better singers. He helps us see our potential and then shows us what we must do as individual singers, as quartets and the chorus as a whole, to lift our standard.  We have no hesitation in recommending him to any group wanting to improve their sound and increase their joy."

– Ian Fraser
Former Music Director
Hills Harmony Barbershop Chorus

Eddie is my go-to coach for every group that I sing with. His sessions are a perfect blend of fun and new advanced singing skills. His coaching style and techniques are tailor made for each group I sing with, never taking a cookie cutter approach repeating the same mantras over and over again. I have been getting coaching from him for over 10 years individually, in a quartet, and in a chorus, and he brings something new every time. Perhaps the best part about his coaching is that he works to make each singer sound like the best version of themselves, and never tries to make them sound like someone they are not. If you are looking for a coach who will take you to the next level and have fun while doing it, I cannot think of anyone better than Eddie Martinez.

-Eric Horn

Former Tenor Section Leader of the Houston Tidelanders Chorus, Two-time top 10 international chorus competitor with the Heart of Texas Chorus, Lead of 2011 SLD Quartet District Champions, Quiet Hours, Three-time International College Quartet Competitor, President of the Cornell University Glee Club 2011-2012, Tenor Sectional Leader of 2008 International Youth Chorus Champions- Marcsmen, Three-time TMEA Texas All-State Choir Tenor 1

"I have known Eddie for many years. I am a long term Australian Female Musical Director of Men's Barbershop Singing. Eddie came to coach my chorus on his 1st visit to Australia. His ability to fast put everyone at ease, when we were all quaking at the knees, was the first thing that impressed me about him. Also his skills at very quickly finding the weaknesses in the chorus and like magic there is a change! I love his energy, enthusiasm and most of all his sense of fun and humour. He has a way he can combine all of these things and seriously educate and bring out the best in each chorus, with all of their different personalities and levels. It has been my pleasure to watch him coach other choruses and be part of a Sweet Adeline International Quartet coaching day. It was also my great pleasure to have Eddie stay in my home during his coaching weekend in our city with my chorus. Eddie has a kind, loving, giving and thoughtful heart, a great passion for life and most of all for teaching the art of Barbershop Singing. He is a highly valued friend in a shared love of a wonderful hobby for life!!"

–  Carmel Jones
Former Musical Director of Illawarra Chordiality
Member of AAMBS and Sweet Adelines International

"I went. I saw. I asked. He came. He coached. He (or We) achieved........& has/have been doing so for 10+ years. 
Australian Barbershop owes Eddie."

– John Wareham
AAMBS President 1999-2001

"Eddie is stronger, faster and more handsome than me.  He is a better musician and a better performer.  Frankly, I'm scared of Eddie and that's awesome!  I'd recommend him for all choruses and quartets. Actually, I expect all groups to hire him... immediately." **

– Chuck Norris Recipient of BMI Film and TV Awards, Golden Boot Awards, Lone Star Film and Television Awards, International Box Office Star of the Year award 1992, Action Star of the Year 1982, TV Guide Award - Favorite Actor in a Drama 1999(nominated), Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Veteran of the United States Air Force, Founder of Chun Kuk Do martial arts form, Founder of World Combat League, Honorary United States Marine 2007, Honorary Texas Ranger 2010, Professional Middleweight Karate champion title, which he held for six consecutive years 1968, won Karate's triple crown for the most tournament wins of the year and the Fighter of the Year award by Black Belt Magazine. 1969, overall really bad ass dude who can roundhouse kick your head to the next galaxy.  **(Okay, Chuck did not really say any of this, but wouldn't it have been cool if he did!?)    :-)